We’ve built our trajectory with hard work and dedication, that’s visible on our achievements and online reputation:

We’ve earned the “Certificación de Buenas Prácticas” (Good Practice Certification), granted by the National Tourism Secretary of Argentina, from an agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINCOTUR) of Spain.
Our commitment includes the health of our environment, we take care of both the nature that surrounds us and our visitors.
More info: Calidad turística en destinos (spanish).

Our online presence on Airbnb is supported with positive reviews ever since we’ve landed on the platform on 2014.
See our reviews: Gustavo’s profile on Airbnb.

Ever since our web was available on the web, our customers only have good words for us, with highlights on the good experience and quality services offered.

Check here all the  comments: Apart Costa del Sol Google’s card.